EVO is the smart anti-theft GPS for E-BIKES and electric vehicles
YOUR PASSION NEEDS PROTECTIONE-bikes are the new target for thieves....
GPS alarm for e-bikes
Keep safe all over Europe
GPS alarm for e-bikes
Keep safe all over Europe


E-bikes are the new target for thieves. Don't get caught unprepared!

EVO protects your e-bike, calls you by phone if someone moves it
and tracks its position in real time via App.

GPS Anti-Theft Device for E-Bikes

EVO is smart, inconspicuous, it runs 24/7, outdoors and indoors, all over Europe.

Don't worry about recharging it: EVO gets power from your e-bike and has got its own backup battery.

The App always shows you the position of your e-bike.


Control EVO via App and manage several e-bikes from the same account


It fits most e-bikes and two-wheeled electric vehicles, such as mopeds and cargo bikes


Installed inside the bike battery or engine compartment. Safe from forced removal and wireless detectors

App EVO - map


High GPS accuracy, embedded eSIM with European coverage. 100% made in Italy.


EVO finds your e-bike on the road as well in garages or storage units


EVO doesn’t’ affect your bike’s battery. It is equipped with a backup battery and activates itself when in motion only

How it Works

You can activate EVO with one touch via App as you leave your e-bike:
EVO will start watching over it.

In case of theft or tampering, EVO calls your number immediately, finds your e-bike in real time in as many as 49 European countries, whether outdoors or indoors.

We created EVO for your peace of mind: the extremely accurate motion sensor reduces false alarms to zero and the embedded eSIM connects automatically to the best operator in the area.

Buy your EVO

You can buy EVO at an Authorized Trackting Dealer

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Free, easy and user friendly (Android and iOS)

Enjoy peace of mind

Relax! EVO watches over your e-bike

A clear offer

You can buy EVO exclusively from one of our
Authorized Dealers at 199€

Service for the first year is included

Renew your subscription at 29€/year

EVO gives you the full Trackting service

Customer support

Firmware updates

eSIM included

No roaming fees

EVO for your Business

Do you have a rental service or a fleet?

Discover our dedicated FLEET PLAN,
the ideal solution to manage your vehicles

Are you a manufacturer?

Discover how to integrate EVO to your e-vehicles
and stand out from your competitors.

EVO is available only at one of our Authorized Dealers

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