How does it feel to have your bike/car stolen?

Did you know more than 1800 bikes and cars disappear every day in Europe?
To get it back you have to act fast!

This is why we created Trackting: to make it really hard on thieves!

Trackting will alert you as soon as they try to move your vehicle.
You can track them down in real time using a mobile App with an integrated map!

About Trackting

Trackting is the only GPS anti-theft device in the world
with no monthly fees and a rechargeable battery
that lasts 6 months.

It’s perfect for Motorcycles, Scooters, Cars and Caravans!

Trackting is a Made in Italy anti-theft device, small, inconspicuous and easy to place
It runs 24/24. It notifies you as soon as your vehicle is moved. The battery lasts 4-6 months.
Up to 5 meters thanks to high-tech sensors. Localization all over Europe.

How it works

No hassle because Trackting activates itself automatically as soon as you move away from your vehicle thanks to a wireless keychain tag and will warn you when someone attempts to steal it.

The Mobile App will show you where your vehicle is parked and can chase the thief, tracking his position, direction and speed in real time.

Sleep like a baby with Trackting: no false alarms due to an extremely accurate motion sensor and the embedded SIM connects automatically to the best operator in the area.

Buy Trackting

Self-activating SIM without monthly fees.
Install the App

It’s very easy to use with Map and Alerts.
For iPhone and Android
Take it easy

Keep track of your vehicles all over Europe thanks to its special multi-operator SIM.

Protect what you care

Trackting is great for scooters, classic cars, diggers….and even hives!

No monthly fees or credit to recharge:
buy it for only 249€ and use it for free forever!


6 good reasons for choosing Trackting

Install the App and hide the device in the seat compartment. No wiring required.
Record Battery
A Guinness record: the battery is rechargeable and lasts 4-6 months!
Sleep as a baby: Trackting will sense any suspicious situation and alert you immediately
No Monthly Fee
It comes with an embedded SIM and no monthly fee or credit to recharge. It’s all taken care of!
It activates itself as soon as you move away thanks to a keychain tag.
Place it where you need it, you can even move it from your bike to your car.

Installation? None

Trackting doesn’t require any complex installation or wiring because it’s battery powered. Anyone can install its own Trackting!

– Download the Trackting App (iOS or Android)
– Activate the Tracker here: trackting.com/start
– Hide it somewhere on your vehicle (for ex. the seat compartment of your bike is fine)
– Done!

Technical features

GPS: Module with active antenna with high sensitivity
Motion sensor: Triaxial MEMS accelerometer
Connection: integrated multi-operator SIM
Battery life: up to 6 months on standby
Battery recharge via standard microUSB connector
Dimensions: 80x60x30mm (about a pack of cigarettes)
Weight: 50 grams
Beacon for keychain (including CR2032 battery)
Water resistant IP41
Operating temperatura range: -20..+50°C
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone (> iOS11) and Android (> 6)
Package contents: 1 GPS tracker, 1 Keychain tag, 1 USB charging cable, 2 fixing screws, instruction manual
Warranty 2 years
Designed and made in Italy

Questions? Do you need technical assistance?

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