The alarm went off while driving

If the alarm mode is activated while driving, then the Tag does not connect to the Tracker. When the Tracker detects motion but does not find the Tag, it reads a theft event.

To avoid this situation:

– Never keep the Tag in close contact with your body (for ex. in your pocket) because the human body can shield the signal.
– Is the Tracker too close to metal objects? Try placing it elsewhere.
– Keyless electronic keys may cause interference; always keep your Keyless electronic key separate from the Tag.

To exit the alarm mode you must keep the Tag near the Tracker while the Tracker is in motion for at least 60 seconds. You can do this by taking your vehicle for a ride (carrying the Tag with you) or by shaking the Tracker for at least 60 seconds (always with the Tag close by and not in your hand otherwise it will be shielded).

The procedure is deliberately long to make sure that the alarm will not be deactivated if your vehicle has been hidden somewhere by a thief and you inadvertently pass by it while you are looking for it.-