How Trackting alarm calls work? Are these calls for free?

Smart Alarm calls you in case of an Alarm then you open the App to see the position of your vehicle on the map.

The phone call is way more effective than a simple notification: you can save the Trackting number +18304444666 as Favorite or VIP contact to let your phone ring even if in “Silent” or “No disturb” mode (you can easily find online instructions for your specific brand/model).

The service is completely FREE : you don’t pay to receive these calls.

You have included max 5 alarms events per month, so avoid to trigger the alarm on purpose too often!

Each alarm event works like this: the system will try to call you up to 5 times or until you answer. So it’s important that you answer the call.

NOTE: This is a fully automatic system, there are no operators or a call center. So please not try to call this number in any case.