How long does the battery last? How can I recharge it?

The battery lasts 6 months in standby condition. In a standard use (home-work journey, therefore 2 parking events per day) the duration is around 4 months.
We tested this on a motorcycle in the center of Rome (GSM mobile signal always above level 4/5) that was always parked outdoor.

The factors that can negatively affect battery life are:
– Increased number of parking events (if you park 10 times a day the battery will be discharged faster)
– Areas where the GSM cellular signal is not very strong (Smart Alarm must use more power to connect)
– Parking inside garages where the GSM or GPS signal is weak or absent (Smart Alarm tries to connect several times and therefore uses more energy)
– Alarm events because in that case the tracker sends the thief’s position during the movement

To recharge the battery, use the supplied USB cable and connect it to a battery charger of your smartphone or PC. It is also possible to use a powerbank that is particularly convenient for recharging the Tracker without having to dismantle it from your vehicle.