What's the story? Why you created Trackting?

The creator of Trackting is Claudio Carnevali, CEO of the company. Rome, 8 April 2016, Claudio jumps on his beloved Hornet and slips, nothing serious, it happens. He parks the bike under his house and after 2 hours he finds out that the motorbike has been stolen. Sad and angry Claudio decide to take revenge creating the best motorcycle alarm to help bikers to avoid his horrible experience.

Does it work for cars, caravans and other vehicles?

Yes, even if we designed Trackting for motorbikes and scooter it works perfectly also on cars, trucks and caravans.

What if in my garage there's no signal?

Most of garages are underground, so no GPS and GSM signal. But don't worry since your vehicle is protected. If the thief will try to move it outside Trackting will connect automatically to the network and you will get a notification on the App

What's the geographic coverage? Where it works?

The integrated data SIM card works in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine.

How is possible no monthly fee? There's a SIM...

Easy, we have a special agreement with an international operator that provide us the Sim with a huge amount of data and we don't pay monthly fee. We pay once, that's why we are able to provide you Trackting with no monthly fees.

Can I use a different Sim card?

No you can't change the Sim card. But wait, why you should? You don't pay anything for our Sim!

May I keep always connected Trackting to a power source? For example to the battery of my vehicle?

No, you can't. When charging, the Tracker turns off automatically, so if you leave it permanently connected to a power source it will not work. But no worries, should you inadvertently stay connected to a charger for a long time, an internal protection system will keep you out of trouble!

How can I recharge it?

Via USB using a mobile phone power supply or even a Powerbank (min 2.500mAH)

I got 2 smartphones, can I run the app on both?

Yes, you can control 1 Trackting on multiple smartphones.

Who knows my position? What about my privacy?

We are maniac about privacy. Nobody knows your position since coordinates are encrypted. Our support operators can see only events like parking or alarm, but not your position.

Made in Italy?

Yes, we produce Trackting in Italy because we care about product quality and about our customers. Trackting is not a cheap product because we don't save on components (we don't use low cost GPS for example, but a Swiss GPS with a very high gain) and we don't save on labour cost going far east.
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